ENVI-Met Building Terrain - [source code]

Use this component to generate inputs for "LB ENVI-Met Spaces". - Sometimes some buildings are not generated when you connect terrain input. Try to move buildings or move the terrain to solve this issue. -


  • buildings [Required]
    Geometry that represent ENVI-Met buildings. - Geometry must be closed Brep/Breps. - Try to connect "threeDeeShapes" output of "Gismo" (a plugin for GIS environmental analysis).
  • terrain [Optional]
    Optional geometry that represent ENVI-Met terrain. Geometry must be the output of "LB Terrain Generator".
  • defaultMaterialsld [Default]
    Default wall/roof property. Use this input to set default building materials. - If no input is connected this input will be concrete slab/roofing tile (00, R1).
  • wallMaterialsId [Optional]
    Use this input to change wall materials.
  • roofMaterialsId [Optional]
    Use this input to change roof materials.
  • runIt [Required]
    Set to "True" to run the component and generate envimetBuildings and envimetTerrain.


  • readMe!
  • envimetBuildings
    Connect this output to "ENVI-Met Spaces" in order to add buildings to ENVI-Met model.
  • envimetTerrain
    Connect this output to "ENVI-Met Spaces" in order to add a terrain to ENVI-Met model.

Check Hydra Example Files for ENVI-Met Building Terrain

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