Sky Dome - [source code]

This component allows you to visualize a selected sky matrix from the selectSkyMxt component in order to see the patches of the sky dome where radiation is coming from. The component will produce 3 sky domes by default: a dome showing just the diffuse radiation, a dome showing just the direct radiation, and a dome showing the total radiation. -


  • north [Optional]
    Input a vector to be used as a true North direction for the sun path or a number between 0 and 360 that represents the degrees off from the y-axis to make North. The default North direction is set to the Y-axis (0 degrees).
  • selectedSkyMtx [Required]
    The output from the selectSkyMtx component.
  • centerPoint [Default]
    A point that sets the location of the sky domes. The default is set to the Rhino origin (0,0,0).
  • scale [Default]
    Use this input to change the scale of the sky dome. The default is set to 1.
  • projection [Default]
    A number to set the projection of the sky hemisphere. The default is set to draw a 3D hemisphere. Choose from the following options: 0 = 3D hemisphere 1 = Orthographic (straight projection to the XY Plane) 2 = Stereographic (equi-angular projection to the XY Plane)
  • legendPar [Optional]
    Optional legend parameters from the Ladybug Legend Parameters component.
  • showTotalOnly [Optional]
    Set to "True" to only show a sky dome with the total radiation. The default is "False", which will produce 3 sky domes: one of diffuse radiation, one of direct radiation, and one of the total radiation.
  • bakeIt [Optional]
    An integer that tells the component if/how to bake the bojects in the Rhino scene. The default is set to 0. Choose from the following options: 0 (or False) - No geometry will be baked into the Rhino scene (this is the default). 1 (or True) - The geometry will be baked into the Rhino scene as a colored hatch and Rhino text objects, which facilitates easy export to PDF or vector-editing programs. 2 - The geometry will be baked into the Rhino scene as colored meshes, which is useful for recording the results of paramteric runs as light Rhino geometry.
  • runIt [Required]
    Set to "True" to run the component and generate a sky dome.


  • readMe!
  • skyPatchesMesh
    A colored mesh representing the intensity of radiation for each of the sky patches of the sky dome.
  • baseCrvs
    A set of guide curves that mark information on the sky dome.
  • altitudeCrvs
    A set of circular curves that denote the altitude. Note that these will only appear when the projection is set to something other than a 3D sun path.
  • legend
    A legend for the sky dome. Connect this output to a grasshopper "Geo" component in order to preview the legend separately in the Rhino scene.
  • legendBasePts
    The legend base point(s), which can be used to move the legend(s) in relation to the sky domes with the grasshopper "move" component.
  • skyPatchesCenPts
    The center points of sky patches, which can be used to shape Rhino geometry in relation to radiation from different sky patches.
  • skyPatchesAreas
    The area of sky patches in Rhino model units.
  • skyPatchesAsBrep
    The geometry of sky patches as breps.
  • values
    Radiation values for the sky patches in kWh/m2.

Check Hydra Example Files for Sky Dome

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