Simplified Photovoltaics Module - [source code]

Use this component to define simplified Photovoltaics crystalline silicon (c-Si) module settings. - If nothing inputed, the following PV module settings will be used by default:

  • module material: crystalline silicon (c-Si)
  • mountType: Close (flush) roof mount
  • moduleEfficiency: 15%
  • temperatureCoefficient: -0.5 %/C
  • moduleActiveAreaPercent: 90% - If you would like to use a thin-film module, then use the thin-film module from "Import Sandia Photovoltaics Module" or "Import CEC Photovoltaics Module" components. Also for choosing a specific module, not a simplified one, use one of those two components as well. - Sources: -


  • mountType [Optional]
    Mounting type (configuration) of a module. There are three of them: - 0 = Insulated back (pv curtain wall, pv skylights, BIPV installations with obstructed bakside airflow) 1 = Close (flush) roof mount (pv array mounted parallel and relatively close to the plane of the roof (between 5 and 15 centimenters)) 2 = Open rack (ground mount array, flat/sloped roof array that is tilted, pole-mount solar panels, solar carports, solar canopies, BIPV installations with sufficient bakside airflow) - If not supplied, default type: "Glass/cell/glass, Close (flush) roof mount" (1) is used.
  • moduleEfficiency [Optional]
    The ratio of electrical energy output from the PV module to input solar energy from the sun. Current typical module efficiencies for crystalline silicon modules range from 14-20% - If not defined, default value of 15(%) will be used. - In percent (%).
  • temperatureCoefficient [Optional]
    A coefficient which accounts for the percentage the solar module's DC output power decrease/increase for every degree Celsius the solar cells temperature rises above/below 25C. - In general it ranges from -0.44 to -0.5 for crystaline silicon modules. - If not supplied, -0.5 will be used as a default. - In %/C.
  • moduleActiveAreaPercent [Optional]
    Percentage of the module's area excluding module framing and gaps between cells. - If not supplied, default value of 90(%) will be used. - In percent (%).


  • readMe!
  • PVmoduleSettings
    A list of PV module settings. Plug it to "Photovoltaics surface" component's "PVmoduleSettings_" input.

Check Hydra Example Files for Simplified Photovoltaics Module

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