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Use this component to calculate Earth's true north from magnetic north. - If you are working with location plan generated by Google Maps or any other web mapping service, North will always be positioned in direction of Rhino's Y axis. In case you imported a location plan to Rhino, which has a North direction assigned in a form of magnetic North, then you need to correct that North direction for the influence of Earth's magnetic variation. Which is what this component does. - All credit goes to Christopher Weiss ([email protected]), the author of the World Magnetic Model python code. source: - Based on World Magnetic Model of the NOAA: -


  • location [Required]
    Input data from Ladybug's "Import epw" "location" output, or create your own location data with Ladybug's "Construct Location" component.
  • magneticNorth [Optional]
    Input a vector to be used as a magnetic North direction, or a number between 0 and 360 that represents the clockwise degrees off from the Y-axis. Magnetic north direction is direction a compass-needle points to. - If not supplied, default North direction will be set to the Y-axis (0 degrees).
  • date [Optional]
    Date for which magnetic north should be calculated. Input a date in the following order: month, day, year. Example "5,24,2016" (24nd May 2016). - If not supplied, present date will be used.
  • COFfile [Optional]
    By default "Magnetic north" component already has 2015-2020 integrated WMM coefficients data. In case you would like to analysis periods of time before the year 2015, input an appropriate WMM.COF file path in here. - If not supplied, integrated WMM.COF 2015-2020 coefficients data will be used.


  • readMe!
  • trueNorth
    Geographic north (direction towards the North Pole) - magnetic north corrected for the value of magnetic declination. Ranges from 0-360. - In decimal degrees (°).
  • trueNorthVec
    Vector representation of the upper "trueNorth".
  • magneticDeclination
    An angle between magnetic north and true north. It is positive east of true north and negative west of true north. - In decimal degrees (°).
  • magneticFieldVec
    Earth's magnetic field vector at chosen location. Vector's intensity represents the strength in nanoTeslas (nT).

Check Hydra Example Files for True North

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