Set the View - [source code]

Use this component to set the camera location and direction for the Rhino "Perspective" viewport. Here is the video that shows how it works: -


  • cameraLocation [Required]
    A point representing the location of the viewport camera.
  • cameraDirection [Required]
    A vector that represents the direction that the viewport camera should face.
  • uvLookAround [Optional]
    Optional UV coordinates to tilt the viewport camera off from from the input _cameraDirection. Values for UV coordinates must be between -1 and 1 and these correspond to a tilt of 180 degrees in either direction. It is recommended that you use a Grasshopper sliderMD comonent for input.
  • lensLength [Optional]
    An optional float number that sets the lens length of the viewport camera.


Check Hydra Example Files for Set the View

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