Set Rhino Sun - [source code]

Use this component to set the Rhino sun from grasshopper and coordinate your Rhino visualizations with the Ladybug weatherfile and other solar parameters. -


  • location [Required]
    get location from Ladybug_Import epw component. This will update rhino solar system to the correct coordinates and timezone
  • north [Optional]
    North direction of the model. This can be either an number representing angle, or a vector. (by default North is set on the y axis)
  • month [Default]
    A number that represents the month you want to visualize
  • day [Default]
    A number that represents the Day you want to visualize
  • hour [Default]
    A number that represents the Hour you want to visualize
  • runIt [Required]
    Set to True to run the component and position the Rhino Sun.


  • readMe!

Check Hydra Example Files for Set Rhino Sun

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