Orientation Study Parameters - [source code]

Use this component with the Ladybug "Radiation Analysis", "Sunlight Hours Analysis", or "View Analysis" component to set up the parameters for an Orientation Study. You can use an Orientation Study to answer questions like "What orientation of my building will give me the highest or lowest radiation gain for my analysis period?" Another question might be "What direction should I orient my static solar panel to get the maximum radiation during my analysis period?" An Orientation Study will automatically rotate your geometry around several times based on the inputs made to this component and the results will be recorded in the corresponding Analysis component that this one is hooked up to. -


  • divisionAngle [Required]
    A number between 0 and 180 that represents the degrees to rotate the geometry for each step of the Orientation Study.
  • totalAngle [Required]
    A number between 0 and 360 that represents the degrees of the total rotation that the geometry will undergo over the course of the Orientation Study. This _totalAngle should be larger than the _divisionAngle and divisible by the _divisionAngle.
  • basePoint [Optional]
    Input a point here to change the center about which the Orientation Study will rotate the geometry. If no point is connected, the default point of rotation will be the center of the test geometry.
  • rotateContext [Optional]
    Input either a Boolean value or a set of context Breps that should be rotated along with the test geometry. If set this input to "True", all context Breps will be rotated with the test geometry. The default is set to "False" to only rotate the test geometry.
  • runTheStudy [Required]
    [Boolean or GeometryBase] Since orientation study may take a long time, this is an extra confirmation request to make sure that you really want to run the oriantation study! [courtesy of Windows Vista...;)] If you want part of the context to roatate with the test geometry the connect it here!


  • orientationStudyPar
    A list of Orientation Study parameters that can be plugged into the Ladybug "Radiation Analysis", "Sunlight Hours Analysis", or "View Analysis" component.

Check Hydra Example Files for Orientation Study Parameters

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