DSParameters - [source code]

Analyses Recipe for Annual Daylight Simulation with Daysim -


  • outputUnits [Default]
    A list of numbers to indicate output units for test points. Defualt is 2. [1] solar irradiance (W/m2), [2] illumiance (lux) - Default is 2
  • dynamicSHDGroup_1 [Optional]
    Script input dynamicSHDGroup_1.
  • dynamicSHDGroup_2 [Optional]
    Script input dynamicSHDGroup_2.
  • RhinoViewsName [Required]
    List of view names that you want to be considered for annual glare analysis. Be aware that annual glare analysis with Daysim can take hours to days!
  • dgp_imageSize [Default]
    The size of the image to be used for daylight glare probability in pixels. Defult value is 250 px.
  • onlyRunGlareAnalysis [Optional]
    Set to False if you want the component run both annual glare analysis and calculate annula illuminance levels. Default is True.


  • DSParameters
    Script output DSParameters.

Check Hydra Example Files for DSParameters

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