IES Project - [source code]

This component is meant for summarizing the details of all the luminaires used in a simulation.


  • elecLightingData [Required]
    Connect the elecLightingData output of the Honeybee_IES Luminaire component here.
  • outputsToExcel [Optional]
    Set this input to True if the outputs are to be written to a MS Excel compatible .csv file.
  • excelFileLoc [Default]
    Specify a directory to which the MS Excel file should be saved to.


  • out
    The execution information, as output and error streams
  • radFilePaths
    List of .rad files corresponding to the luminaires to be used in the simulation. Connect this to the additionalRadFiles_ input of Honeybee_Run Daylight Simulation component.
  • billOfQuantity
    The bill of quantity of the luminaires used for simulation.
  • luminaireSchedule
    List of luminaires, their location and aiming angles.
  • lumScheduleDetailed
    A more detailed luminaire schedule that includes information about custom lamps (if any) used in the simulation.

Check Hydra Example Files for IES Project

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