Image Based Simulation - [source code]

Analysis Recipie for Image-Based Analysis -


  • skyFile [Required]
    Path to a radiance sky file
  • rhinoViewsName [Default]
    viewName to be rendered
  • cameraType [Default]
    [0] Perspective, [1] FishEye, [2] Parallel
  • sectionPlane [Optional]
    Optional view fore clipping plane. The Plane should be perpendicular to the view
  • simulationType [Default]
    [0] illuminance(lux), [1] radiation (wh), [2] luminance (Candela). Default is 2 > luminance.
  • imageWidth [Default]
    Optional input for image width in pixels
  • imageHeight [Default]
    Optional input for image height in pixels
  • radParameters [Default]
    Radiance parameters
  • backupImages [Optional]
    [0] No backup, [1] Backup in the same folder, [2] Backup in separate folders. Default is 0.


  • analysisRecipe
    Recipe for image-based simulation

Check Hydra Example Files for Image Based Simulation

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