R-Value With Air Films - [source code]

Use this component to account for air films in the U-Value and R-Value of any decomposed Honeybee construction or material. Note that EnergyPlus has its own means of calculating the effects of air films on either side of a construction but, here, we provide an apporximate method based on an input surfaceType_. -


  • uValue_SI [Required]
    The U-Value_SI out of either the "Honeybee_Decompose EP Construction" or the "Honeybee_Decompose EP Material."
  • surfaceType [Optional]
    An integer value from 0 to 3 that represents one of the following surface types: 0 - Exterior Wall/Window 1 - Interior Wall/Window 2 - Exterior Roof 3 - Exposed Interior Floor


  • UValue_SI_wAir
    Script variable Python
  • UValue_IP_wAir
    Script variable Python
  • RValue_SI_wAir
    Script variable Python
  • RValue_IP_wAir
    Script variable Python

Check Hydra Example Files for R-Value With Air Films

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