Lighting control Recipe - [source code]

Daysim electrical lighting control. Check this link for more information about lighting control types. -


  • controlType [Default]
    Lighting controlType: [0] Manual on/off switch, [1] Automate switch off occupancy sensor, [2] Always on during active occupancy hours, [3] Manual On/off with auto Dimming [4] Auto dimming with swith off occupancy sensor [5] Always on during active occupancy hours with auto dimming
  • sensorPoints [Optional]
    Selected list of test points that indicates where lighting sensor points are located.
  • lightingPower [Default]
    Lighting power in watts. Default is 250 w.
  • lightingSetpoint [Default]
    Target illuminance for the space. Default is 300 lux.
  • ballastLossFactor [Default]
    Minimum electric dimming level in percentages.
  • standbyPower [Default]
    Standby power in watts. Default is 3 w.
  • delayTime [Default]
    Switch-off delay time in minutes. Default is 5 minutes.


  • lightingControlGroup
    Lighting control Recipe

Check Hydra Example Files for Lighting control Recipe

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