Generate Custom Sky - [source code]

Genrate Custom Sky This component generate a custom sky based on user's input -


  • north [Optional]
    Input a vector to be used as a true North direction for the sun path or a number between 0 and 360 that represents the degrees off from the y-axis to make North. The default North direction is set to the Y-axis (0 degrees).
  • locationData [Required]
    The output from the importEPW or constructLocation component. This is essentially a list of text summarizing a location on the earth.
  • directNrmRad [Required]
    Direct Normal Radiation in Wh/m2
  • diffuseHorRad [Required]
    Diffuse Horizontal Radiation in Wh/m2
  • month [Required]
    Month of the study [1-12]
  • day [Required]
    Day of the study [1-31]
  • hour [Required]
    Hour of the study [1-24]


  • skyFilePath
    Sky file location on the local drive

Check Hydra Example Files for Generate Custom Sky

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