Daysim Occupancy Generator Based On List - [source code]

Daysim Occupancy Generator Daysim calculates the outputs for the hours that the space is occupied. This componet generates a csv file based on user input that will be used as the occupancy-file. Read more here: You can use this component to generate a Daysim schedule based of EnergyPlus schedule. -


  • occValues [Required]
    A list of 0 and 1 that indicates the occupancy schedule. The length of the list should be equal to 8760.
  • fileName [Default]
    Optional fileName for this schedule. Files will be saved to C:\Honeybee\DaysimOcc
  • writeTheOcc [Required]
    Set to True to write the file


  • occupancyFile
    Path to occupancy file

Check Hydra Example Files for Daysim Occupancy Generator Based On List

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