Set Loads And Schedules - [source code]

Set schedules and loads for zones based on program -


  • HBZones [Required]
    A HBZone or list of HBZones for which you want to change the program (including schedules and loads).
  • zonePrograms [Optional]
    The zone program that you want to assign to the HBZones. This should be a value from the "Honeybee_ListZonePrograms" component. This input can also be a list of programs tha aligns with the input HBZones.


  • currentSchedules
    The schedules that have been assigned to the zones.
  • currentLoads
    The loads that have been assigned to the zones
  • HBZones
    HBZones that have had their program set to the input zonePrograms_.

Check Hydra Example Files for Set Loads And Schedules

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