Visualize Microclimate Map - [source code]

Use this component to produce a colored mesh from a comfResultsMtx. -


  • comfResultsMtx [Required]
    Any matrix output from the 'Honeybee_Microclimate Map Analysis' component, the 'Honeybee_Thermal Comfort Autonomy Analysis' component, or the 'Honeybee_Read Microclimate Matrix' component.
  • viewFactorMesh [Required]
    The list of view factor meshes that comes out of the 'Honeybee_Indoor View Factor Calculator'. These will be colored with result data.
  • analysisPeriod [Optional]
    Optional analysisPeriod to take a slice out of the data stream. Note that that connecting a value to 'stepOfSimulation' will override this input.
  • stepOfSimulation [Optional]
    Optional interger to select out a step of the simulation to color the mesh with. Connecting a value here will override the analysisPeriod_ input.
  • percentOrTotal [Optional]
    Set to 'True' to have the component compute comfort values as a percent of occupied hours or all hours. Set to 'False' to have the component compute comfort values as a total number of hours. The default is set to 'True' to calculate comfort as a percent. Note that this input only works for comfort matrices and not temperature ones.
  • legendPar [Optional]
    Optional legend parameters from the Ladybug Legend Parameters component.
  • runIt [Optional]
    Set boolean to "True" to run the component and produce a colored mesh from a comfResultsMtx.


  • readMe!
  • resultMesh
    A list of colored meshes showing the results form the comfResultsMtx.
  • legend
    A legend for the colored mesh. Connect this output to a grasshopper "Geo" component in order to preview the legend spearately in the Rhino scene.
  • legendBasePt
    The legend base point, which can be used to move the legend with the grasshopper "move" component.
  • resultValues
    The values of results that are being used to color the results.
  • resultColors
    The colors used for each mesh face.

Check Hydra Example Files for Visualize Microclimate Map

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