Glare Analysis - [source code]

Glare Analysis This component is using evalglare for glare calculations. Evalgalare is developed by J. Wienold at Fraunhofer ISE. Check this link for more information about glare analysis. Thanks to Christoph Reinhart, Shelby Doyle, J Alstan Jakubiec and Rashida Mogri. -


  • HDRImagePath [Required]
    Path to an HDR image file
  • taskPositionUV [Optional]
    Task position in x and y coordinates
  • taskPositionAngle [Optional]
    Task position opening angle in degrees
  • runIt [Required]
    Set to True to run the analysis


  • readMe
  • glareCheckImage
    Path to HDR image of the glare study
  • DGP
    Daylight glare probability.
  • DGI
    Daylight glare index
  • glareComfortRange
    Comfort Ranges. Imperceptible Glare [0.35 > DGP], Perceptible Glare [0.4 > DGP >= 0.35], Disturbing Glare [0.45 > DGP >= 0.4], Intolerable Glare [DGP >= 0.45]
  • imageWithTaskArea
    Path to HDR image with task area marked with blue circle

Check Hydra Example Files for Glare Analysis

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