Radiance Opaque Material By Color - [source code]

Radiance Opaque Material By Color Create a Standard Radiance Opaque Material. Many thanks to Axel Jacobs for his help and all the great resources he provided at jaloxa.eu Check out the color picker to see some great examples > http://www.jaloxa.eu/resources/radiance/colour_picker/index.shtml -


  • materialName [Required]
    Material name
  • color [Required]
    Material color
  • roughness [Default]
    Roughness values above 0.2 are uncommon
  • specularity [Default]
    Specularity values above 0.1 are uncommon


  • avrgRef
    Average diffuse reflectance of the material
  • RADMaterial
    Radiance Material string

Check Hydra Example Files for Radiance Opaque Material By Color

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