simple_Inverter - [source code]


  • inverterName [Required]
    The inverter name - Make it unique from other inverters
  • inverterEfficiency [Default]
    The efficiency of the inverter by default this is 90%
  • inverterCost [Required]
    The cost of the inverter in US dollars (Other currencies will be available in the future)
  • replacementTime [Default]
    Specify how often in years the inverter will need to be replaced. The default is 5 years.


  • readMe!
    The execution information, as output and error streams
  • HB_inverter
    Honeybee inverter- to include this inverter in a generation system connect it to the input HB_generationobjects on the Honeybee_generationsystem component

Check Hydra Example Files for simple_Inverter

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