Rotate Honeybee - [source code]

Rotate Honeybee Objects -


  • HBObj [Required]
    Script variable Python
  • angle [Required]
    Angle of rotation in degrees
  • cenPt [Optional]
    Script variable moveHBObj
  • axis [Optional]
    Optional rotation axis as a vector. Default is Z Axis
  • name [Default]
    An optional text string that will be appended to the name of the transformed object(s). If nothing is input here, a default unique name will be generated.
  • keepAdj [Optional]
    Set to 'False' to remove existing adjacencies and boundary conditions (this is useful if you plan to re-solve adjacencies after this component). If left blank or set to 'True', the component will preserve adjacencies with other zones.


  • HBObj
    Script variable moveHBObj

Check Hydra Example Files for Rotate Honeybee

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