Therm Material to EnergyPlus Material - [source code]

Use this component to create a custom opaque material, which can be plugged into the "HoneybeeEnergyPlus Construction" component. This component requires you to know a lot of the characteristics of the material and, you may want to borrow some characteristcs of a similar material in the library. Use the "HoneybeeCall From EP Construction Library" and the "Honeybee_Decompose EP Material" to help with this. If you are not able to find all of the necessary material characteristcs and your desired material is relatively light, it might be easier for you to use a "Honeybee_EnergyPlus NoMass Opaque Material." -


  • thermMaterial [Required]
    The name of a Therm material from the ThermMaterials output from the from the "Call from EP Construction Library" component.
  • roughness [Default]
    A text value that indicated the roughness of your material. This can be either "VeryRough", "Rough", "MediumRough", "MediumSmooth", "Smooth", and "VerySmooth". The default is set to "Rough".
  • thickness [Required]
    A number that represents the thickness of the material in meters (m).
  • density [Required]
    A number representing the density of the material in kg/m3. This is essentially the mass one cubic meter of the material.
  • specificHeat [Required]
    A number representing the specific heat capacity of the material in J/kg-K. This is essentially the number of joules needed to raise one kg of the material by 1 degree Kelvin.


  • EPMaterialStr
    An opaque material that can be plugged into the "Honeybee_EnergyPlus Construction" component.
  • matName
    The name of the generated EP Material.

Check Hydra Example Files for Therm Material to EnergyPlus Material

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