Thermally Bridged EP Construction - [source code]

Use this component to adjust the U-value an EP construction without any thermal bridges to account for birdges by adjusting the condutivity of one of the materials. -


  • originalEPConstruction [Required]
    An EP construction that does not have any thermal bridges associated with it.
  • thermBridgedUValue [Required]
    The U-value in SI units (W/m2-K) that you would like the whole construction assembly to be adjusted to. This U-value should include the resistance of air films on either side of the construction assembly, which is included by default in the output from THERM simulations.
  • materialToAdjust [Required]
    The name of a material within the _originalEPConstruction that you would like to have the conductivity adjusted to meet the _thermBridgedUValue.
  • customName [Default]
    An optional custom name to be added to the new thermally bridged material and construction.


  • readMe!
  • bridgedConstruction
    A thermally bridged construction that can be applied to HBZones and HBSurfaces for energy simulations.
  • bridgedConstrText
    The IDF text that defines the thermally bridged construction that has been written to the memory of the document.
  • bridgedMaterialText
    The IDF text that defines the thermally bridged material within the construction.
  • bridgedMatRValue
    The R-value of the newly created thermally bridged material.

Check Hydra Example Files for Thermally Bridged EP Construction

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