Refine Daylight Simulation - [source code]

Refine simulation for an existing Radiance scene (.oct file) -


  • octFile [Required]
    Script variable Python
  • analysisRecipe [Required]
    An analysis recipe
  • thisRunName [Required]
    Name of this run so you can recognize it later
  • numOfCPUs [Default]
    Number of CPUs to be used for the studies. This option doesn't work for image-based analysis
  • runIt [Required]
    Script input _runIt.


  • readMe!
    The execution information, as output and error streams
  • results
    Script variable runDaylightAnalysis
  • testPts
    Test points if any
  • resultFiles
    Result files. You need to need other components based on the type of the analysis to calculate the results
  • done
    True if the study is over

Check Hydra Example Files for Refine Daylight Simulation

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